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A Festive of Handmade Delights: Black Friday Specials

Welcome to ArtisRaw, where tradition meets modern craftsmanship. In our Black Friday Special category, you’ll find everything you need and more. This unique collection showcases a variety of products, all handmade from the renowned North African olive wood, particularly the Chemlali variety from Sfax, South Tunisia. This wood is known for its high-durability, special pattern and distinctive color. Each item in this collection, from kitchen utensils to personal accessories, carries the essence of the Mediterranean. Customers will be delighted to find an array of products, perfect for adding a touch of rustic elegance to any house and kitchen. But the collection doesn’t stop there; it also features an exquisite range of bath and beauty items, designed for those who appreciate a blend of natural beauty and artisanal charm.


Unveiling Unique Homeware and Accessories

Our Black Friday Special goes beyond the ordinary, offering items that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Discover our soap dishes, neatly handmade. They represent an essential addition, to any bathroom that speaks of sophistication and earthy charm. For those who enjoy the refined pleasures of life, our chess sets, drinkware, and tumblers are special products that bring, the warmth of North African craftsmanship, and artwork right to your fingertips. The collection is also home to beautifully designed plates, dishes, and serving trays, each piece telling its own story of culture and artisanship.


A Culinary Journey with Olive Wood Kitchenware

As we celebrate Black Friday with a special 20% discount, our collection’s heart lies in its range of culinary items: cutting boards, charcuterie boards, and serving boards. Each board is not just a kitchen tool but, a canvas that displays the natural beauty and distinctive color of Chemlali wood, known for its durability and antibacterial properties. These boards are ideal for culinary enthusiasts who value quality and style. They are perfect for preparing and presenting everything, from everyday meals to special holiday spreads. Their antibacterial nature ensures that your culinary creations, are not only presented beautifully but also prepared hygienically.


Seize the Black Friday Opportunity for Memorable Christmas Gifts

As the festive season approaches, our Black Friday Special Category is your best chance to select thoughtful, unique gifts for your loved ones. This collection, steeped in the rich heritage and artisanal beauty of North African artwork, offers a diverse range of items that make perfect presents. Imagine the joy of giving a handcrafted chess set to the strategy enthusiast, in your life or a set of elegant olive wood drinkware, to someone who appreciates the finer things. Think about offering special handmade earrings to your stylish friend or relative. The durability and distinctive charm, of our Chemlali wood products, make them not just gifts but lasting memories. With our special 20% discount, this Black Friday is the ideal time to choose gifts that resonate with warmth, tradition, and a touch of Mediterranean luxury. Let our collection be your guide to thoughtful, memorable gift-giving this holiday season.

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