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Authentic Mortars & Pestles: A Kitchen’s Timeless Essential

Mortars and pestles have been present in all kitchens for centuries. These timeless tools bridge the gap between ancient culinary habits and today’s gourmet recipes.

Our collection brings about the Tunisian authenticity, neatly handmade from the distinctive Chemlali wood, a treasure of Sfax and the best in the world. This special wood, celebrated for its high durability, special patterns, and one-of-a-kind color, sets itself beautifully to these kitchen essentials. When we speak of wood mortar and pestle uses, we’re referring to a wide variety of culinary activities. Whether for grinding fresh herbs, crushing spices, or concocting traditional pastes, our sets ensure practicality, functionality, and beauty, making everything more enjoyable. Beyond the basic utility, there’s a touch of history in each piece, echoing the touch of past generations who used similar tools in their daily lives, and bringing it together with developed modern design.


Between Tradition, Artistry and Modern Touch

There’s a certain charm in vintage items. They keep the charm of the past while fitting genuinely into contemporary settings. When a simple wooden pestle is paired with our mortars artistically designed and handmade, it becomes more than a tool: it’s a piece of art with a natural touch. You can elevate the experience even more with one of our wooden spoons and spatulas from this category  .

Our designs are deeply influenced by vintage wood mortar and pestle aesthetics, paying homage to time-tested traditions, and developed to meet the aesthetics of modern contemporary design. This makes our pieces fit into any type of décor.

On the other hand, our talented designers did not forget about functionality. The inherent strength of Chemlali wood ensures that these tools would last ages. Its unique grain patterns, every swirl and twist, reflects the peculiarity of the Tunisian raw materials our ArtisRaw artisans are using to make our wide range of products. In an era dominated by mass-produced, machine-made goods, our handmade mortars and pestles are a breath of fresh air. They champion the cause of craftsmanship, attention to detail, sustainability, and the beauty of manual artistry.


B2B Collaborations: Expanding Horizons with Quality and Craft

Quality and authenticity never go unnoticed, especially when it comes to ethically sourced materials. Businesses today, and more than ever, are in search of authentic and trustful products. With our especially handmade mortars and pestles, we extend an invitation to business entities—retailers, culinary schools, restaurants, and boutique kitchenware stores—to experience and share this quality. The B2B initiative we’ve launched is not just about sales; it’s about forming meaningful collaborations that value tradition, craftsmanship, sustainability, and the exquisite beauty of the Tunisian Olive wood. The Chemlali wood, with its reputation for longevity, ensures businesses a product that’s both aesthetically pleasing and enduring. Every mortar and pestle set are a testimony to skill and dedication. As we keep establishing collaborations, we promise commitment to quality and a shared journey of tradition and modernity.

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