Why choosing Olive Wood? 5 Reasons that tells it All.

Wondering why olive wood is one of the best choices for kitchen utensils and home gadgets? You’ll have your questions answered here.

Engraved cutting board or fruit bowl, desk organizer or valet tray, chess set or dice set, all gorgeous and life lasting when handmade from olive wood.

Olive wood products are known for being luxurious, durable, ecofriendly, sustainable, and easy to maintain. Discover how and why are they considered so in this article.

  • Object of luxury?

Olive wood is of a rich looking. It is considered as luxurious and coveted thanks to its high quality and elegant appearance. It is of a limited and unique production; you can’t find two exact similar handmade pieces even if carved out of the same trunk. Olive wood kitchen utensils and home décor add a distinguished touch and fit into any type of decoration. It pleases different tastes. Hence, it is highly wanted.


  • Life-lasting!

Olive Wood is known for being hard and robust. Its surface is also antibacterial which makes it last very long. It is highly resistant against moisture, cuts and scratches If well maintained (check how to do it in “link”), your olive wood object would last a lifetime.

  • Ecofriendly

The production of olive wood utensils and gadgets is subject to several standards that ensure its organic, ecofriendly, and sustainable aspects. The wood trunks used by ArtisRaw’s artisans are taken from old fruitless trees. They are hand carved with the minimum use of machinery and in compliance with the ecological industry. The wood is naturally oiled with organic beeswax and stocked in the adequate conditions.

  • Sustainable

Sustainability is fundamental in our industry. In addition to extracting olive wood from the old fruitless trees, we, in ArtisRaw, are engaged into planting a tree for each used one. We have also signed an agreement with TREES FOR THE FUTURE by which we are engaged into planting a tree for each order, which makes them around 4000 per year!

It is important to note that olive trees don’t grow fast, which is actually one of its strength points, as its wood grows very hard and lasting.

We are open to any other suggestion that promotes sustainability around the world. We would be glad to receive your ideas and opinions.

  • Easy to maintain

Maintaining your olive wood utensils and decorative items is very important for its durability. It is also easy and simple. All you need to do is:

  • Wash them with bare hands and not expose them to extreme heat.
  • Dry them.
  • Never put them in the dishwasher.
  • Don’t expose them to the sun for so long.
  • Polish them regularly with olive oil or organic wax (try ArtisRaw’s beeswax)


These tips help you keep your olive wood gadgets from cracking and preserve its shininess. For further details check these articles or visit our YouTube channel and Instagram account. You’ll find detailed videos about how to exactly do it.

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