ArtisRaw Marks Its Global Presence at Tokyo Lifestyle Expo

  • Introduction:

In July 2023, we, at ArtisRaw, expanded our horizons by participating in the renowned Lifestyle Expo in Tokyo. This event, celebrated for its large-scale international attendance, attracted around 17,000 visitors and 283 exhibitors from various corners of the globe. It offered us an important opportunity to showcase our unique product range to a global audience. The Stage Is Set for Innovation; The Lifestyle Expo in Tokyo served as a good platform for our team to present ArtisRaw’s diverse array of handmade products to the world and showcase Tunisia’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Our booth received a lot of activity, attracting the visitors’ attention to discover innovative high-quality products: from home décor to kitchen utensils and gadgets, board games and more. Our team succeeded in establishing meaningful connections with people from many places around the world and winning new B2B and B2C customers.

  • Impact and Expansion: Opening New Doors

Our participation in the Tokyo event allowed our team to present our collections of olive wood handmade products, from different baskets and bowls, best sells chess sets, versatile cutting boards, jars and containers, and more .. . In addition, it was an important chance for ArtisRaw to expand its market. We succeeded in concluding significant business deals, thus broadening our market reach and opening pathways to new ones. This expansion is a translation of our brand’s growing influence and its capability to attract international attention, underscoring our potential for future growth and development. In fact, this step paved the way for our participation in Las Vegas ASD Market Week

  • Engaging With the World:

In addition to presenting our products to different visitors and industries from around the world, the Tokyo Lifestyle Expo was about engaging with a diverse crowd, sharing insights, and learning from other cultures. This exchange of ideas and experiences enriched our brand. It fostered a deeper understanding of global market trends and consumer preferences. It also enhanced our ability to innovate and adapt in a rapidly changing market, which is pivotal in developing the company’s upcoming strategies. In the same vein, this experience helped us have a clearer vision in the establishment of our warehouses in Hannover, Germany and Houston, USA.



  • The Road Ahead: Future Endeavors

The success at the Tokyo Lifestyle Expo has set the stage for our future ventures. This experience has opened up avenues for participation in more international events. We are now more into exploring these new opportunities. Our aim is to accentuate our presence in the global market further and continue our journey of innovation and development. As a brand that started by establishing a shop in Etsy, and succeeded in launching its website last year, participating in such important events and establishing direct contact with customers and potential customers is an important step towards growing the scope of our business. It is also an opportunity to present and showcase our products physically and engage in our market field.

  • Conclusion: A Milestone Achieved, A Journey Begun

ArtisRaw’s participation in the 2023 Tokyo Lifestyle Expo marks a significant milestone in ArtisRaw’s journey. By stepping onto the global stage, we have demonstrated our commitment to authenticity and innovation. The established connections, concluded deals, and the gained knowledge from this event are invaluable assets that will lead our brand towards more innovation and in-depth development. As we continue to delve into the international market, our journey has just started, promising more achievements and expansions in the days to come, fueled by our passion for genuine products and our dedication to meeting the needs of our global clientele.

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