Explore Authentic Artistry and Eco-Friendly Living at ArtisRaw

Discover the art of North African artistry at ArtisRaw. Our handmade collection, rooted in the rich heritage of the region, is a celebration of authenticity and sustainability. Each piece, from olive wood masterpieces to intricate mosaics, cotton rope designs, juncus creations, and organic cotton fabrics, reflects a commitment to eco-friendly practices and artistic distinction. Catering to enthusiasts of art, décor, and sustainable living, our unique products are crafted with high skill and passion. At ArtisRaw, we’re redefining everyday elegance with items that are as practical as they are artistically appealing. Explore our range and find that perfect piece resonating with your taste for the extraordinary in the everyday.

As you explore the world of ArtisRaw further, prepare to be captivated by our best-selling categories.

Each piece in this range translates the art of handcrafting, where the natural charm and strength of olive wood are brought to life by skilled artisans. From kitchen essentials to home décor, these categories offer a diverse selection of items, each with its own unique appeal. Revel in the simplicity and elegance that our olive wood products bring, perfectly reflecting our dedication to artistry and sustainable practices.

ArtisRaw’s Treasures: Explore Our Top-Selling Handmade Collections


Chess Sets:

Enjoy the strategic world of chess with ArtisRaw’s diverse collection of chess sets, our best sellers ever! Each set, with its hand-carved olive wood pieces, showcases charming nuances that only true craftsmanship can offer. If you already have your pieces, you can order one of our charming boards as well.

Our category extends from simple, elegantly designed boards to multifunctional sets featuring drawers and footholds, and even includes chess tables and travel-friendly options. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, there’s a perfect fit for every player. For those seeking a personal touch, our customization options allow you to create a set that’s uniquely yours. In addition to olive wood, we also make sets from mosaic and resin, offering an array of artistic choices for every chess enthusiast.

In this special category, you can find exceptional gifts. Whether for a seasoned chess aficionado or a budding enthusiast, our pieces serve as a thoughtful, timeless present, ideal for special occasions or as a sophisticated addition to any home or office. Their harmony of functionality and artistic beauty makes them a coveted item, cherished by recipients for their beauty and the intriguing games they host.

Utensils and Gadgets:

Spoil your kitchen, table, and dinner gatherings with ArtisRaw’s ‘Utensils and Gadgets’ collection, a celebrated best-seller, beautifully handmade from olive wood. This category caters to the art of cooking, offering an impressive array of kitchen essentials. Here, you’ll find everything from comprehensive kitchen utensil sets with holders to innovative cooking gadgets like herb strippers, meat tenderizers, nut crackers, and honey pots with dippers. Our collection also offers elegant utensils holders, rolling pins, salad tongs, bread lames, pasta molds, and various other kitchen and dinner essentials. Each item in this range combines functionality with the natural beauty of olive wood, ensuring that your kitchen is equipped with the most practical tools and spoiled with items of unique natural beauty and artistic charm.

These artisanal pieces are more than just tools; they are a celebration of culinary artistry, perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, our utensils and gadgets add a touch of sophistication to your cooking routine, making every meal preparation a delightful experience. Their durable design and uniqueness make them ideal for gifting to those who appreciate quality and elegance in their kitchen and table.

Spoons and Spatulas:

Looking for functional elegance? ArtisRaw’s ‘Spoons and Spatulas’ collection got you covered! This category is another one of our top-selling. It is all about bringing practicality and style to your kitchen, with each item carefully handmade from olive wood. Our range includes an array of cooking spoons and spatulas, alongside forks, salad servers, and serving sets. From pasta spoons to sporks, coffee scoops, tasting spoons, and various types of spatulas and ladles, we have everything to suit your culinary needs. Each piece comes in different sizes and designs, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every kitchen. These utensils are practical for daily use and add an element of rustic elegance to your dining setting. Their easy-to-clean nature makes them a joy to use, while the durability and unique grain of olive wood make each piece a long-lasting addition to your kitchen collection.

Bath and Beauty

Embrace the luxury of natural elegance with ArtisRaw’s ‘Bath and Beauty’ collection, a top-tier selection among our offerings. Handmade with care from olive wood, this category brings a touch of nature’s warmth and coziness to your daily routine. Our range includes beautifully designed bathtub trays, perfect for a relaxing soak, and soap dishes that add a rustic charm to any bathroom. The collection extends to personal care with finely crafted combs, elegant earrings, and an array of shaving tools, all made from durable olive wood. For those who indulge in skincare, our beauty tools like gua sha are effective and stunning. Each piece in this category is a testament to our commitment to bringing functionality with natural beauty, ensuring that your bath and beauty rituals are enhanced by items that are as practical as they are classy and beautiful.

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