ASD Market Week: Unveiling ‘Elixir’ and Celebrating Tunisian Craftsmanship

ASD Market Week: Unveiling ‘Elixir’ and Celebrating Tunisian Craftsmanship

Las Vegas Comes Alive: A Memorable Presence at ASD Market Week

The Las Vegas Convention Center was abuzz this August, despite the storm clouds overhead. Even as gusty winds and rain lashed the city, inside the convention center, it was all about business, networking, and discovery. Within this dynamic environment was our booth, W11930, located strategically in the West Hall’s Gourmet and Gift Section. The storm outside seemed to do little to dampen the spirits of attendees. Many people walked around and came to our booth, drawn by what Tunisian products looked like.


Big Deals and Bigger Opportunities

Three days might seem like a short span. Yet, when at ASD Market Week, every moment counts. Over these days, we achieved significant milestones. We successfully closed deals with three major U.S. distributors. These weren’t just agreements on paper but a testament to the potential and quality of our products. Yet, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The number of inquiries we receiving was impressive. Each query represented a potential partnership, a new market, or an opportunity to further our brand’s reach. While these are currently under evaluation, the interest they signify is undeniable. To top it off, the visit from our partner in Houston highlighted the day. Their presence was a nod to our shared goals and mutual growth in the industry.


Elixir: Our New Special Brand

One could argue that the most shining moment of our participation was the introduction of “Elixir,” our latest olive oil brand. Handcrafted and embodying the essence of Tunisia, “Elixir” reflects the efforts of dedicated farmers, and the history and impact of a rich heritage. Those who sampled it enjoyed its natural taste, aroma, and authenticity. The reactions were unanimous: it was a hit. But alongside “Elixir”, our range of products, all handmade from Tunisia’s natural raw materials, also caught the eye. Be it the texture, the design, or the story behind each product, attendees were keen to learn, understand, and, most importantly, be a part of the narrative.


As the event concluded, it was clear that our participation at the ASD Market Week wasn’t just about showcasing products. It was about forging relationships, understanding market dynamics, and reinforcing our commitment to quality and authenticity. The storm outside might have been fierce, but inside, the energy, enthusiasm, and business spirit were unyielding.



In retrospect, we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone—partners, visitors, and the ASD team. Your interest, feedback, and belief in our products reinforce our purpose. As we look ahead, these three days serve as a reminder of our journey so far and the exciting path that lies ahead. Here’s to many more events, connections, and stories in the future.

ArtisRaw: Tunisia’s Best Handcrafted Wooden Products Company

ArtisRaw: Tunisia’s Best Handcrafted Wooden Products Company

We are delighted to announce that ArtisRaw has been recognized by LUX Life Magazine as Tunisia’s Best Handcrafted Wooden Products Company for the year 2022.

At ArtisRaw, every product tells a story of neat craftsmanship and dedication. Rooted in Tunisia’s rich heritage, we are passionate about transforming raw materials into unique products.

Our offerings, handcrafted from Tunisian raw materials like olive wood, ceramics, natural wool, palm leaves, esparto grass, jute and cotton rope, juncus, high-quality natural stones, and cotton linens, are a true testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity.

 This accolade from LUX Life Magazine, a respected global luxury lifestyle magazine, is not just an acknowledgment of our unmatched craftsmanship but also a recognition of our tireless efforts to promote sustainable and authentic Tunisian handcrafts.

“Our goal has always been to showcase the beauty and resilience of Tunisian raw materials while staying true to our roots,” said ArtisRaw’s SEO Bilel Cherif. “Receiving this honor validates our commitment to excellence and motivates us to set the bar even higher.”

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to LUX Life Magazine for this esteemed recognition and to our loyal customers for their unwavering support. This award further fuels our passion, and we are excited about the journey ahead. To explore our award-winning collection, we invite you to visit our website and discover the true essence of Tunisian craftsmanship.

Best Artisan Trophy in Olive Wood Products

Best Artisan Trophy in Olive Wood Products

ArtisRaw chosen as the Best Artisan Olive Wood Products Company in North Africa by MEA Business Awards, and given the best Artisan Trophy.

Dear fans, we are happy to share this new with you

MEA Business Awards chose ArtisRaw as the Best Artisan Olive Wood Products Company in North Africa. We were hence awarded with the Best Artisan Trophy and Certificate.

ArtisRaw reached this achievement thanks to our talented artisans’ hard and serious work, the efforts of our company team, and your trust since our establishment 4 years ago. It also encourages us even more to keep producing and innovating.

Since its establishment, ArtisRaw’s team has put the high quality and beauty of products as well as customers satisfaction on the top priority. We succeeded in producing beautiful, solid and well-made products from olive wood and other raw materials. We gained the trust of thousands of customers whom you can see their feedback on our . ArtisRaw is now considered as an Etsy Best Seller!

Our company is now selling its products to a big number of countries in Europe, US, Canada and Australia. We undoubtedly aim at expanding our reach and giving birth to new products that pleases you and answers your needs.

This coronation is a further motivation to keep up with our efforts, win more prizes and maintain your trust.

So! Let’s Celebrate this event together with 20% OFF SiteWide.

We’d be glad to communicate with you on our Instagram.

A TREE for each Order

A TREE for each Order

A TREE for each Order

Sustainability is one of the most important basics in Art is Raw’s culture. Hence, we are very excited and extremely delighted to share this Great News with you; from now on we are fully engaged with the leading TREES FOR THE FUTURE organization in their amazing tree planting campaigns.

This program consists of planting trees, restoring degraded lands, and supporting farmers in the sub-Saharan regions. AMAZING isn’t?

You can be part of this too! With every order a new seed is planted, with every item a new hope is born.

Let’s GREEN it up!

ArtisRaw in ASD Market Week !

ArtisRaw in ASD Market Week !

ArtisRaw in ASD Market Week

Represented by its CEO, ArtisRaw participated in the ASD Market Week at Las Vegas Convention Center. The event took place between August 21-24, 2022.

The ASD Market Week is the leading B2B Wholesale Trade Show in the world. It is held each Spring and Summer and attracts the broadest variety of business owners. It is considered as “the most comprehensive trade show for consumer merchandise in the United States”, as it gives its participants the opportunity to source new suppliers, have a direct interaction with sellers and grow business both ways.

ArtisRaw had the occasion to introduce its products and widen its network. It was a promising first experience which will not be the last as the company is going to participate in the next ASD Market Week that will be held on March 2023.

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