Mosaics serve as a beautiful link between the past and present, capturing stories from ancient civilizations. With each tiny piece of stone, ceramic, or glass, they bring to life memories of times gone by, transforming simple walls and floors into rich tapestries of history.

Tunisia’s Storied Past
Historically, Tunisia, particularly during the reigns of the Carthaginians and Romans, was a nexus for cultural and artistic prowess. Mosaics of this era, especially those found in the historic region of Carthage, offer a glimpse into the grandeur of ancient civilizations. Many of these mesmerizing artworks can be admired at the Bardo Museum in Tunis.

A Tradition Alive and Thriving
Though mosaics have their origins in ancient Mesopotamia and Greece, Tunisia holds a special place in the story of this art form. The distinction lies not just in the patterns and narratives depicted but in the unique materials used.

Artisraw: Embodying Authenticity
At Artisraw, we prioritize authenticity and tradition. Distinct from numerous contemporary versions, our mosaics proudly utilize only natural stones and marble. Each stone is a piece of Tunisia itself. The vibrant red stones, reminiscent of the land’s fervor, hail from Gabes, while the calming greens, a nod to nature’s calm, are sourced from Sajnen. Every color present is true to nature, retaining its innate magnificence.

Craftsmanship in Every Detail
In an age dominated by manufactured materials, Artisraw emerges as a symbol of genuineness. Every mosaic piece mirrors Tunisia’s vast geological and cultural tapestry, hand-forged by craftsmen who perfectly blend age-old methods with today’s designs. Their adept hands mold and position each tiny fragment, ensuring the ancient artistry of Carthage and Rome remains palpable today.

More Than Just Decor
To own an Artisraw mosaic is to appreciate genuine art, to honor Tunisia’s storied past, and to recognize the timeless charm of nature. Explore our offerings and let your surroundings echo with stories carved in stone and history.

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