ArtisRaw Marks Its Global Presence at Tokyo Lifestyle Expo

ArtisRaw Marks Its Global Presence at Tokyo Lifestyle Expo

ArtisRaw Marks Its Global Presence at Tokyo Lifestyle Expo

  • Introduction:

In July 2023, we, at ArtisRaw, expanded our horizons by participating in the renowned Lifestyle Expo in Tokyo. This event, celebrated for its large-scale international attendance, attracted around 17,000 visitors and 283 exhibitors from various corners of the globe. It offered us an important opportunity to showcase our unique product range to a global audience. The Stage Is Set for Innovation; The Lifestyle Expo in Tokyo served as a good platform for our team to present ArtisRaw’s diverse array of handmade products to the world and showcase Tunisia’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Our booth received a lot of activity, attracting the visitors’ attention to discover innovative high-quality products: from home décor to kitchen utensils and gadgets, board games and more. Our team succeeded in establishing meaningful connections with people from many places around the world and winning new B2B and B2C customers.

  • Impact and Expansion: Opening New Doors

Our participation in the Tokyo event allowed our team to present our collections of olive wood handmade products, from different baskets and bowls, best sells chess sets, versatile cutting boards, jars and containers, and more .. . In addition, it was an important chance for ArtisRaw to expand its market. We succeeded in concluding significant business deals, thus broadening our market reach and opening pathways to new ones. This expansion is a translation of our brand’s growing influence and its capability to attract international attention, underscoring our potential for future growth and development. In fact, this step paved the way for our participation in Las Vegas ASD Market Week

  • Engaging With the World:

In addition to presenting our products to different visitors and industries from around the world, the Tokyo Lifestyle Expo was about engaging with a diverse crowd, sharing insights, and learning from other cultures. This exchange of ideas and experiences enriched our brand. It fostered a deeper understanding of global market trends and consumer preferences. It also enhanced our ability to innovate and adapt in a rapidly changing market, which is pivotal in developing the company’s upcoming strategies. In the same vein, this experience helped us have a clearer vision in the establishment of our warehouses in Hannover, Germany and Houston, USA.



  • The Road Ahead: Future Endeavors

The success at the Tokyo Lifestyle Expo has set the stage for our future ventures. This experience has opened up avenues for participation in more international events. We are now more into exploring these new opportunities. Our aim is to accentuate our presence in the global market further and continue our journey of innovation and development. As a brand that started by establishing a shop in Etsy, and succeeded in launching its website last year, participating in such important events and establishing direct contact with customers and potential customers is an important step towards growing the scope of our business. It is also an opportunity to present and showcase our products physically and engage in our market field.

  • Conclusion: A Milestone Achieved, A Journey Begun

ArtisRaw’s participation in the 2023 Tokyo Lifestyle Expo marks a significant milestone in ArtisRaw’s journey. By stepping onto the global stage, we have demonstrated our commitment to authenticity and innovation. The established connections, concluded deals, and the gained knowledge from this event are invaluable assets that will lead our brand towards more innovation and in-depth development. As we continue to delve into the international market, our journey has just started, promising more achievements and expansions in the days to come, fueled by our passion for genuine products and our dedication to meeting the needs of our global clientele.

Unveiling Our Diverse Range of Olive Wood Cutting Boards

Unveiling Our Diverse Range of Olive Wood Cutting Boards

Our cutting boards have always been a statement of quality and elegance. Each crafted from premium North African olive wood, particularly the renowned Chemlali wood from Sfax, Tunisia, offering durability as well as beautiful and practical design. Our boards are also known for being easy to maintain and clean thanks to the antibacterial characteristic of the premium wood we use in production.

 Hence, we are excited to bring you up to speed with the latest enhancements, offerings, and opportunities available in our cutting boards category, ensuring your culinary experiences are both functional and stylish.

  • Offering Unbeatable Wholesale Opportunities

One of the significant advancements we’re excited to share is the integration of wholesale and B2B offerings into our business model. This was prior to the rising demands over our olive wooden boards collections, considerably increased after our participation in the ASD market at Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, USA.

Our production capabilities have been scaled to meet the increasing demand, ensuring that both retail and wholesale customers receive the same quality, craftsmanship, and artistry in every piece, with the most suitable prices.

We have optimized our production process to accommodate large orders without compromising the quality and the distinct character each of our cutting boards holds. Retailers and bulk buyers now have a dependable partner, ensuring that the refined experience of our cutting boards is accessible to a broader audience globally.

  • A Spectrum of Choices

Diversity is at the core of our cutting boards category. We recognize that each chef, whether a homemaker or a professional, has unique needs and preferences. To cater to this diversity, we’ve expanded our range, offering rustic boards, rectangular and oval shapes, pizza boards, bread boards, round boards, and charcuterie boards available in large, medium, and small sizes.

We’ve incorporated boards with and without handles to suit different handling preferences and working spaces. The introduction of marble and olive wood boards, as well as resin and wooden boards, encapsulates our commitment to providing options that are not only functional but aesthetically tailored to different tastes and kitchen themes.

Special occasions deserve commemoration, and what better way to celebrate than with our specially engraved cutting boards? We offer customized engravings for events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Each engraving is crafted to add a personal touch, turning each cutting board into a piece of the celebration’s memorabilia. And guess what? The Personalization option is totally Free! Hence, you can level up your olive wooden board to a special piece made just for you, or a memorable gift with an unforgettable touch.

  • Setting the Pace in the Market

Our expansive variety is one of our strongest suits, setting us apart in the market. While the competition may offer standard options, we take pride in providing a catalog that is as diverse as the culinary world. Every chef, every kitchen, every home, and every professional space will find a cutting board that resonates with their specific needs, design preferences, and functional requirements.

This diversity is anchored on a foundation of quality. Every cutting board, regardless of its shape, size, or material combination, reveaks a production process steeped in precision, quality assurance, and the integration of feedback from our valued customers. Hence, we are always grateful to receive your enquiries, questions, and feedback. We are not just manufacturers; we are partners in your culinary journey, dedicated to ensuring that every slice, chop, or dice is done on a board designed to enhance your cooking experience.

  • Anticipating a Season of Surprises

As the year is coming to an end and the festive season is approaching, we are preparing to unveil a collection that promises to answer the need for functionality, quality, and elegance. This Christmas, our customers should wait for new product launches, sales, and surprises crafted to ensure that the season of giving and receiving is marked with unforgettable culinary gifts and graces.

Every product launched will be a reflection of our continuous commitment to delivering cutting boards that aren’t just tools but partners in every culinary journey. Each sale will be an opportunity for our customers to access quality at unbeatable prices, and every surprise is crafted to add a dash of excitement to the festive season.


Our cutting boards are about the quality of olive wood and the precision of craftsmanship. They are also about offering choices, quality, and experience. We are on a continuous pursuit to innovate, expand, and enhance, ensuring that every customer finds a piece that resonates with their needs, aesthetics, and culinary aspirations. As we anticipate the unveiling of our Christmas surprises, we extend an invitation to our customers to be part of a journey where quality, diversity, and affordability converge to create unmatched culinary experiences.

Discover the Latest News of ArtisRaw’s Handmade Olive Wood Chess Sets

Discover the Latest News of ArtisRaw’s Handmade Olive Wood Chess Sets

ArtisRaw’s Chess Sets: The Best Sellers!

In the world of handmade artifacts, our Chess Set Archives – Artisraw Chess Sets, handmade from olive wood, succeeded in generating much admiration and success. Each piece, carved with precision and care from the esteemed North African olive wood, exudes quality and aesthetic elegance. Every detail translates a tradition of artisan work that bridges the old with the new. Our chess sets are our best sellers and a favorite amongst enthusiasts who appreciate artistry and quality.

In every chess piece, our artisans’ skilled hands portray mastery and artistry, where every game played is an immersion into a world where quality and elegance are inherent. Our customers don’t just buy a chess set; they procure a piece of art, a piece of innovative design, and a tool for creating memorable experiences.

  • A New Milestone Achieved

During our participation in the ASD Market last August, the positive feedback we received was a clear acknowledgment of our commitment to superior craftsmanship and quality. Each displayed chess set, carved from Chemlali wood, was a tangible proof of our dedication to bringing culture and tradition together with innovation and excellence in handicrafts.

Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, US, the event provided us with an opportunity to receive firsthand feedback from attendees. The appreciation expressed by visitors was rewarding and served as motivation to continue our plans of innovation and enhancement in the quality of our products. Every chess piece, with its neat design and impeccable handicraft, stands as evidence of our dedication to offering products that are of premium quality.

In this professional setting, the praise received wasn’t merely about the visual appeal. It also recognized the skill, precision, and attention to detail involved in crafting each piece. This experience at the ASD Market underscored our role as custodians of a rich cultural artistry, amplifying our drive to innovate while upholding the traditional craftsmanship values.

  • A New Experience Shaping the Landscape

Encouraged and motivated by this success at the ASD Market, we have been inspired to elevate our offerings and exceed the expectations set by our clientele. Our chess set tables succeeded in drawing the attendees’ attention and appreciation.  This product was sold out in the exhibition, and we received many restock requests.

Therefore, we are excited to announce the introduction of new chess tables into our esteemed collection.; a significant enhancement tailored to functionality, elegance, and the unparalleled experience our brand is renowned for.

These new chess tables are designed to offer chess enthusiasts a platform that is as functional as it is aesthetically appealing. We are presenting a product and unveiling an experience where every move made on the board is accentuated by the quality, durability, and elegance of the table.

  • Global Availability

We are now expanding and coming closer to you. Our chess sets, each a masterpiece, are now available in our warehouses in Sfax, Tunisia; Germany; and Houston, USA. Global boundaries are blurred, and every chess enthusiast will find that their favorite set is just a click away. We have turned geographical miles into a journey of a few seconds, ensuring that time zones and distances are no longer barriers.

Our commitment is not just to sell chess sets but to ensure that each set reaches its owner in the pristine condition and shortest periods, as perfect as the skillful hands that carved it meant it to be. Every warehouse is a storage facility and a sanctuary where artistry, quality, and elegance are housed, ready to make their journey to your homes.

ASD Market Week: Unveiling ‘Elixir’ and Celebrating Tunisian Craftsmanship

ASD Market Week: Unveiling ‘Elixir’ and Celebrating Tunisian Craftsmanship

Las Vegas Comes Alive: A Memorable Presence at ASD Market Week

The Las Vegas Convention Center was abuzz this August, despite the storm clouds overhead. Even as gusty winds and rain lashed the city, inside the convention center, it was all about business, networking, and discovery. Within this dynamic environment was our booth, W11930, located strategically in the West Hall’s Gourmet and Gift Section. The storm outside seemed to do little to dampen the spirits of attendees. Many people walked around and came to our booth, drawn by what Tunisian products looked like.


Big Deals and Bigger Opportunities

Three days might seem like a short span. Yet, when at ASD Market Week, every moment counts. Over these days, we achieved significant milestones. We successfully closed deals with three major U.S. distributors. These weren’t just agreements on paper but a testament to the potential and quality of our products. Yet, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The number of inquiries we receiving was impressive. Each query represented a potential partnership, a new market, or an opportunity to further our brand’s reach. While these are currently under evaluation, the interest they signify is undeniable. To top it off, the visit from our partner in Houston highlighted the day. Their presence was a nod to our shared goals and mutual growth in the industry.


Elixir: Our New Special Brand

One could argue that the most shining moment of our participation was the introduction of “Elixir,” our latest olive oil brand. Handcrafted and embodying the essence of Tunisia, “Elixir” reflects the efforts of dedicated farmers, and the history and impact of a rich heritage. Those who sampled it enjoyed its natural taste, aroma, and authenticity. The reactions were unanimous: it was a hit. But alongside “Elixir”, our range of products, all handmade from Tunisia’s natural raw materials, also caught the eye. Be it the texture, the design, or the story behind each product, attendees were keen to learn, understand, and, most importantly, be a part of the narrative.


As the event concluded, it was clear that our participation at the ASD Market Week wasn’t just about showcasing products. It was about forging relationships, understanding market dynamics, and reinforcing our commitment to quality and authenticity. The storm outside might have been fierce, but inside, the energy, enthusiasm, and business spirit were unyielding.



In retrospect, we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone—partners, visitors, and the ASD team. Your interest, feedback, and belief in our products reinforce our purpose. As we look ahead, these three days serve as a reminder of our journey so far and the exciting path that lies ahead. Here’s to many more events, connections, and stories in the future.

ArtisRaw: Tunisia’s Best Handcrafted Wooden Products Company

ArtisRaw: Tunisia’s Best Handcrafted Wooden Products Company

We are delighted to announce that ArtisRaw has been recognized by LUX Life Magazine as Tunisia’s Best Handcrafted Wooden Products Company for the year 2022.

At ArtisRaw, every product tells a story of neat craftsmanship and dedication. Rooted in Tunisia’s rich heritage, we are passionate about transforming raw materials into unique products.

Our offerings, handcrafted from Tunisian raw materials like olive wood, ceramics, natural wool, palm leaves, esparto grass, jute and cotton rope, juncus, high-quality natural stones, and cotton linens, are a true testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity.

 This accolade from LUX Life Magazine, a respected global luxury lifestyle magazine, is not just an acknowledgment of our unmatched craftsmanship but also a recognition of our tireless efforts to promote sustainable and authentic Tunisian handcrafts.

“Our goal has always been to showcase the beauty and resilience of Tunisian raw materials while staying true to our roots,” said ArtisRaw’s SEO Bilel Cherif. “Receiving this honor validates our commitment to excellence and motivates us to set the bar even higher.”

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to LUX Life Magazine for this esteemed recognition and to our loyal customers for their unwavering support. This award further fuels our passion, and we are excited about the journey ahead. To explore our award-winning collection, we invite you to visit our website and discover the true essence of Tunisian craftsmanship.

Handcrafted Heritage: The Palm Leaf Crafts of Gabes and Kébili

Handcrafted Heritage: The Palm Leaf Crafts of Gabes and Kébili

The Nostalgic Allure of Palm Leaves
From the heart of Tunisia emanates the nostalgic scent of palm leaves, drawing one into a tale steeped in artistry and tradition. While many admire the intricate works crafted from these leaves, few are aware of the rich history associated with them, especially in the regions of Gabes and the Nefzaoua in the governorate of Kébili.

A Tradition in Decline
The art of crafting objects from palm leaves, known as ‘sa’f’, has deep roots in the history of these regions. This practice, ancient and esteemed, stood resilient even as modern alternatives like plastic goods began to dominate. Both Gabes and Kébili, along with other oasis areas such as Djérid, were once bustling centers for this craft. However, its prominence began to recede over time, with only a few elderly craftsmen and craftswomen left to uphold its torch in Nefzaoua. They’re the guardians of a legacy, once indispensable in every household but now overshadowed by the allure of modern conveniences.

The Nuances of the Craft
The very palm leaves, or ‘sa’f’, serving as the primary material for this craft come in various qualities, even from the same tree. The heart of the palm is especially sought after, while its drier, tougher leaves are often overlooked. The diverse nature of these leaves offers a unique canvas for the artisan’s touch.

From Leaf to Legacy
Every crafted piece requires meticulous preparation. The leaves undergo several stages, from drying and storage to dyeing and soaking. This preparation is crucial, for any haste can lead to a compromised quality of the final product. Moreover, there’s a gendered division of labor. Men traditionally focus on weaving, while women, with their precision, handle the sewing. This distinction doesn’t deter women from venturing into tasks typically reserved for men.

A Glimpse into Artisanal Products
These artisans, primarily from rural areas, work not from designated workshops but from their homes, turning them into artistic hubs during their free hours. Whether crafting everyday tools or household utensils, each piece stands testament to their dedication. Among the myriad of products made using the sewing technique are plates, lids, and ‘rounia’. The ‘rounia’, versatile in use, stands out for transporting and storing goods. Products from the ‘seff’ weaving technique are diverse, ranging from mats and prayer carpets to baskets and hats.

Preserving a Timeless Craft
This art, with its vast array of products, remains emblematic of Tunisia’s cultural heritage. It reflects a perfect blend of skill, tradition, and innovation, especially from regions like Gabes and Kébili. Researchers and specialized institutions are urged to delve deeper to preserve both its tangible and intangible wealth. This is not just about a craft – it’s about safeguarding the soul of a community and a rich cultural legacy.

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