How to make Easy Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a drink of all seasons; it’s incredibly energizing and soothing. I, myself, can’t get enough of it! And I’m ready to share with you all types of iced coffees I’m making.

This one here is the most basic iced coffee I drink nearly twice per week. My friends and family just adore it!

All you need is:

    • Some condensed milk.
    • Ice (for sure 😅)
    • Filter coffee (quantity depends how you like your coffee)
    • Foamy milk (use your milk frother or just pour it in a bottle and shake shake shake)
    • Your favorite coffee glass + a long spoon (check one of ours 🤩)

PS: The quantity of ingredients in this recipe depends on your taste.

Now let’s make it happen!

Place your glass on a coaster and start adding the ingredient one by one as shown in the video. Once you finish, take you wooden spoon and stir them all. Watch the color change and the miracle happen.

What I love the most about making iced coffees is the colors changing through the process.

It’s so satisfying 😍.

Finished? Share it with us  😃

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